TKS Celebrated Dussera and Bathukamma on 11th October 2019

*TKS Annual Sports 2018*

Beloved members,

Let us engage ourselves during this winter holidays to shed some weight and improve oxygen level.

Inline with the theme a week long games and sports competitions are planned.

Interested members are requested to register in any or all of the games listed below.

On 28th December, Friday we will be having finals and other family games in an Indoor and outdoor stadium.

The following games will be played between 21st to 27th Dec

1. Badminton

Children ..Singles (1 BD reg./ Player)

Men ...Singles ( 2Bd reg./Player)

Men ...Doubles (5 Bd reg./ Team)..

Women ...Doubles (2 BD reg./ Team)..

Mixed doubles will be played in indoor court.

2.Table Tennis and Carroms (Singles)..1 BD reg/ player

3.Volley ball..A team of max 7 ( 10/BD reg/ team)

Registrations for cricket, Kabaddi, Kho-Kho and other games and sports etc will be opened in a couple of days.

To register please call our Excom team

Sri Ramesh on. 37709976

Sri Phani on 39837786

Sri Vamshi 66392142.

This is family fun event, kindly register and participate.


TKS Excom 2018-20

Beloved members

  • Diwali greetings to you all.
  • On 9th November (Friday) we are going to celebrate Diwali and Children's day together in TKS premises.
  • Children's day celebrations start at 05pm. For 2 hrs children will be engaged in various activities and games. Middle Eastern foods group joined hands with us to conduct an activity for our children. All children will get Coloring books, pencils, color pencils and other stationary.
  • Diwali celebrations will be starting from 7 pm. As informed earlier we will be giving medals for the final day winners of Formation day fancy dress and gifts to all children who participated on last day and also special gifts to the quiz winners.
  • Face painting and henna is free for participants.
  • Looking forward to your active participation.
  • Mark your calendar ...For Diwali and Children's day celebrations on Friday 9th November from 05 pm in TKS.
  • Regards
  • TKS Excom 2018-20

    TKS Rangasthalam 2018 on 23rd Nov in Asian School, Tubli at 6pm onwards



    Damini(Bahubali Singer)

    Yaswanth(DanceMaster D10)

    Bhanusree(Bigboss, D11 frame)

    Beloved members,

  • TKS formation day celebrations 2018 are going to be celebrated from 1st November to 3rd November in TKS Premises. Preparations are in progress and few new items are added this year to encourage our Children and members.
  • Many Thanks to Sri VMNR Sharma garu for taking up the lead to conduct the formation day celebrations.
  • Organizing Committee:
  • Sri Sharma VMNR, 36694239 - Convener.
  • Sri Jagdeesh P, 36600246 - Co Convener.
  • Smt. Vakula Rao – Coordinator - 33667635
  • Smt. Deepa Venkat – Coordinator - 35613712
  • Smt. Vedasri - Coordinator - 36710146
  • EC representatives.
  • Sri Ramesh,33495938
  • Sri Vamshi, 33332778
  • 1. Poem recitation పద్యం చెబుతా (పిల్లలకు)
  • 2. Speak one minute in Telugu - ఒక్క నిమిషం తెలుగులో మాట్లాడటం (పెద్దలకు)
  • 3. Storytelling కథ చెబుతా (చిన్న పిల్లలకు)
  • 4. Sing a song పాట పాడతా (పిల్లలకు)
  • 5. Telugu skits తెలుగు నాటికలు (పిల్లలకు మరియు పెద్దలకు)
  • 6. Elocution on given topic వక్తృత్వము తెలుగులో (పెద్దలకు)
  • 7. Fancy dress competition విచిత్ర వేషధారణ (పిల్లలకు)
  • 8. Telugu quiz. క్విజ్ (ప్రశ్నా వినోదం) ( పెద్దలకు)
  • 9. Mime మూకాభినయం (పిల్లలకు)
  • 10. ఏకపాత్రాభినయం (పిల్లలకు)
  • 11. బుర్రకథ (పిల్లలకు)
  • 12. Speeches about Leaders - (పెద్ద పిల్లలకు)
  • Prior registration is compulsory, kindly contact the Organising team to enroll in the given activities on or before 25th October 2018.
  • Children categorization based on schooling level:
  • Sub-junior – up to class 3rd
  • Junior – Class 4th to 6th
  • Senior – Class 7th to 10th
  • Please see the attachments for the competitions Rules and kindly contact the organizing committee for further guidance. Please encourage children to take part in TKS formation day celebrations.
  • Kind regards
  • TKS Excom 2018-20

    Beloved members,

  • Master Chefs will be waiting for all of us today in TKS Bahrain from 06.30 pm to showcase their culinary skills. It is the time to taste the wonderful homemade food, so as the live cooking and quantum of preparation in preparing delicious food forcing us to taste them bit by bit to quench our starving.
  • Thank you very much for all the enthusiastic participants in setting up the stalls; not only food, a wide variety of stalls which include Jewelry, clothes, Henna design and games.
  • Why not the evening could be made more interesting, along with the food we can play games, watch a movie and play Antyakshari.
  • There are few interesting items will be presented to all of you related to our TKS Megashow - Rangasthalam.
  • Your gracious presence will be rewarded.
  • We will be waiting for you in TKS today at 06.30 pm
  • Regards
  • TKS Excom 2018-20

    Beloved members

  • To all TKS family members, the Telugu Kala Samithi is happy to welcome you to our traditional and authentic food festival, Anand Bazaar! on 25th October 2018 at our premises from 07.00 pm.
  • To show your culinary skills , Take part in this festival and book your stall.
  • Looking forward to a one-stop to fulfill your unquenchable cravings for spicy Hyderabad Dum Biryani, Mirchi Bajji, chaptata paani puri, tangy mint lemonade, and the list goes on! as the choice is yours.
  • We also welcome stalls for face painting, Henna, Jewellery, Clothes, paintings any choice from our members.
  • Below are few notes to set up a stall in TKS premises;
  • 1. Non – refundable entry fee per stall: BD 3/-. Or 10% of the sales. (which ever is higher)
  • 2. Live cooking and home-made dishes are welcome.
  • 3. Food from both Andhra and Telangana States as well as wider range of Indian food varieties and Arabic food varieties also welcomed.
  • 4. Allotment of stalls is on first come first serve basis. Since the place is limited, be hurry to book your stall.
  • 5. TKS will provide all the basic amenities. Any special stall requirements like gas, gas stove, microwave, disposable plates, spoons, extension cables etc., are to be brought by the participants.
  • For registrations for setting up the stalls, please contact any of the following EC members before 23rd Oct 2018:
  • 1. Sri Vamshidhar - 37771768
  • 2. Sri Phani Bhushan - 39837786
  • 3. Sri Ramesh - 37799076
  • 4. Sri Raj Kumar - 39761469
  • 5. Sri Nomula Murli - 39833395
  • Kind regards
  • TKS Excom 2018-20

    Dear beloved members,

  • Dussara and Bathukamma celebrations on 18th Oct 2018. We reuqest all memebrs please come forward for preparations and other help.
  • Any members would like to contribute please contact Hon.EC Member for Membership Phani Bhusan Reddy on 39837786.
  • Request all members please check your membership and renew it if expired.
  • Free Delicious Dinner will be served for members. Non-Members will be charged 1bhd per person.
    Thank you
    TKS Executive Committee 2018-20

    Dear beloved members,

  • Kolatam is there on 12th Oct 2018. We reuqest all memebrs please come forward for participations in kolatam dances.
  • Kids, Ladies and couples practices are going.
  • Request all members please check your membership and renew it if expired.
  • Free Delicious Dinner will be served for members. Non-Members will be charged 1bhd per person.
    Thank you
    TKS Executive Committee 2018-20
  • Dear beloved members,

  • We will be celebrating Vinayaka chavithi in TKS Premises on Thursday 13th September 2018 from 06.00 pm onwards. We request all members to attend Vinayaka Pooja and take the Lord Ganesa blessings.
  • We request all the TKS Ladies to come forward and offer Prasadam to Lord Ganesa. In this regard, please contact any of our Excom member.
  • We appreciate Sri Vasudeva Rao garu for sponsoring “Ganesa Idol” and BAT team for their contribution to perform Pooja and providing “Maha Laddu”.
  • We sincerely request all members and families to join us to pray Lord Ganesa for the prosperity and glory of Telugu Kala Samithi Bahrain.
    Thank you
    TKS Executive Committee 2018-20

    Dear beloved members,

  • Dear TKS Ladies,
  • We hope you all have enjoyed Ugadi Vedukalu on 4th May 2018. Yet, we have come up with one more entertainment especially planned for ladies, "Ladies Night" on 10th May 2018.
  • Be prepared for another complete entertainer, fun-filled and power packed musical night. More details will be made available by tomorrow and keep watch on emails and whats'up.
    With best regards
    TKS Executive Committee 2018-20
  • Beloved members,
  • A Big THANK YOU for your support and participation in Ugadi Vedukalu.
    Special thanks to all TKS members and guests who showered their love in participating in all aspects of the program. Without you, we may not be able to conduct such program on a short notice. We appreciate all the participants, parents, well-wishers, senior members, distingusihed guests and sponsors who stood behind and ensured the program run smoothly.
    Special appreciation to Dr. Suddala Ashok Teja garu for his participation in the event.
    Many thanks to the Excom team and their spouses who are actively involved in the celebrations.
  • We can witness a collaborative and united teamwork of TKS members and guests during the serving lunch in a traditional way by maintaining our culture. We hope you all enjoyed the whole event and delicious lunch.
  • We will be posting the event photographs and Spandana soon on our website (
    With best regards
    TKS Executive Committee 2018-20
  • TKS May Day clebrated very well with record presence of 181 brothers.
    Conducted Games and Sports. Food served for breakfast as well as lunch.
    TKS given gifts to each participant on this special day
    Thank you very much for American Mission Hospital for conducting Medical camp in TKS on this Occasion

  • It's a successful completion of TKS-QEL Open Chess Championship-2018 event in TKS Adliya, today (28/04/2018).
    More than 60 participants from various countries took part in this tournament. Mr Raghunadha babu past president of TKS helped to introduce Mr Baburajan to TKS
    The tournament organized professionally by TKS with the association of Andalus Chess Club following worldwide FIDE rules of chess.
    Live streaming of results is made available to participants, parents and interested parties in TKS.
    The winners are awarded trophies and cash prizes under three categories, namely Juniors (Boys & Girls), Seniors (Men) and Seniors (Women).
  • A beautiful memento is presented to our Sponsor & Chief guest, Mr Baburajan (Chairman & MD of QEL limited)
    and honoring felicitation done by our founder members and past presidents.
    Many of senior and active members actively participated and shown their support to the sports lovers.
  • We thank all our newly elected Excom team headed by Sri Haribabu garu for their excellent efforts to complete this event successfully.
  • We thank our members also who supported us in the smooth organizing of this tournament.
  • The event photos can be accessed from the link below;