It all started before 1989, when a like-minded group of telugus started meeting for festivals, birthdays and other functions and expressed their desire to form an association of telugu-speaking people, and finally in 1990, some prominent and active telugu-speaking people met in the home of Dr.Nalinikanth and formed an informal committee which comprised of Dr.Vasudeva Rao as the President, Sri C.R.K.Murthy as the Vice President, Dr.Vishveshwarao as the General Secretary, and Sri. K.S.Prasad as the Joint Secretary. This team was ably supported by Sri S.Kamalakar Rao, Smt and Sri Sudhakar, Sri Aravinda Babu etc.
It was then that present logo was designed for the Telugu Kala Samithi, by the famous artist Mr. Prasada Rao, who was then residing in Bahrain.
This period was important for TKS and the committee spent a lot of time coordination with the Indian Embassy and fostering relations with the telugu community.
A tremendous community feeling was created after the Andhra cyclone, when several people, headed by Sri. C. V. Ramana Murthy worked tirelessly to gather relief supplies and support from the Indian expats and locals.
The first major recognition for the TKS came when the Counsellor at the Indian Embassy, Sri Raju, hailing from Andhra Pradesh called for a meeting of all the prominent Telugu people at his residence and formalized an Advisory Board comprising of Sri. C. R. K. Murthy as president, Sri Vinod Somal as Vice President, Sri K.S. Prasad as the General Secretary, Sri G. Radha Krishnan as treasurer and R.K. Reddy, S. Kamlakar, F. Gomes, G. Gopal Reddy, P.V. Subrahmanyam, Issac Kamlakar, N. Chandra Rao and Smt. Usha Kanth as members.
With the de-facto support of the Indian embassy, the advisory body set about in the right earnest to protect TKS into the social scene of the Indian community at large in Bahrain.
Simultaneously, the efforts to follow up the application submitted to the Ministry of Labour and Social affairs for registration gained momentum.
In the period that followed, TKS conducted major programs like, dramas, cultural extravaganzas, including a kuchipudi recital by Sabitha (of Saptapathi fame) accompanied by Vempathi Chinnasatyam and his troupe.
Subsequently, in 1995 a change took place in the advisory board, with Vinod Somal taking over as the President and Gopal Reddy as the VP. While TKS continued to make its presence felt in the social scene, it was also active in taking up a number of social causes, including the introduction of telugu language in the curriculum of the India School, made successful by the voluntary service of Smt. Parvathi Gopal Reddy for about 6 years.
Such intense involvements resulted in TKS being included in the coordination committee of Indian associations, as the only non-registered organization.