Name EC Representative Aims/Goals Team Members
CULTURAL SUB COMMITTEE Vamsi Plan cultural events befitting TKS's main objectives with events calendar. Convey message in every programme/event. Reach out for overall development of members and their wards and encourage their active participation. Phani,Swathi, Veda, Rajini, Thapaswi
SENIORS SUB COMMITTEE Haribabu Guiding body to formulate TKS VISION and future plans. Suggest measures under present context and for TKS image building/financial strengthening. C.R.K.Murthy, P.V.Subramanyam, G.Gopal Reddy, Reddy Rama Krishna, J.V.R.Murthy, Venu Somal,Hanumantha Rao, Siva Kumar,Raghunadha babu,R.V.Rao
SOCIAL & WELFARE SUB COMMITTEE Nomula Murli Reach out to our worker groups covering entire Kingdom. Spread message of TKS services and activities. Form teams and assign a TKS active member to each team to reach them when needed. Devise programmes for betterment of their living and work conditions. Work closely with other social groups and Indian Embassy.
SPANDANA SUB COMMITTEE M.B.Reddy Designing standard format for ‘Spandana’. Invite contributions from members. Ensuring timely and regular release/distribution of each issue. Murali Krishna G
SPONSORS SUB COMMITTEE Haribabu Establish contacts with potential sponsors and spread message of TKS services and activities. Advise them on benefits of TKS's association, media/print coverage through advertising in Spandana and TKS programmes. Devise programmes specific for sponsor mobilisation. Honour commitments to sponsors by displaying their logos where promised. Invite sponsors for TKS programmes and take good care of them. J.V.R.Murthy,Gopal Reddy,A.V.Rao,R.s.s.Murali,Raghunadha Babu,Mohan Muralidhar, S.B.Naidu, K.Adi Krishna, R.Venkateswara Rao,Ramarao,I.R.K.Anil,Raja Reddy, K.Rajasekhar
SPORTS SUB COMMITTEE N.V.S.S.Ramesh Plan events befitting TKS objectives (Coaching/Competitions Calendar). Facilitate overall development of members and their wards and ensure their active participation. Narendra,Mohan Rao

Plan programmes for overall development of members and children. Conduct coaching/training/ presentations/ workshops. Encourage active member participation.

V.Koteswara Rao, VMNR Sharma