Registration of Telugu Kala Samithi

Around 1997, with the departure of some prominent active telugu families from Bahrain, the onus of pursuing the dream of registration of the samithi, while carrying on the usual activities, was actively taken up by Vinod Soma, Gopal Reddy and JVR Muthry. At this point of time, Dr. P.K.Mohan, a neurologist at the Salmania Medial Centre came as the ‘Man-Friday’ to bolster the efforts towards registration, by his valuable guidance and direction. His efforts whet a long way in establishing the liaison with MOLSA and the efforts came to fruit on the auspicious day of Vijayadashimi in 1998.

This achievement won many accolades from all corners of the Indian community. A spate of registrations followed for other organizations that had used the TKS model for their approach.

The first registered committee with Vinod Somal as president, Dr P.K.Mohan as vice president, G.Gopala Reddy as Gen. Secretary, P.V.Subrahmanyam as Treasurer and J.V.R.Murthy S.D.Muthyam & J.Padmanabham as members was formed under the auspicious of MOLSA.


Once registration was accomplished, the task of enrolling members and establishing and office premises took front seat. As we can all imagine, it is no easy task, but the committee was up to the task and enrolled almost 400 members, who contributed generously towards the samithi even without asking. And this community feeling and support carries on even today, where members contribute their time, talent and finances for the furtherance of the samithi’s objectives.

TKS’ success is multi-faceted and does not stop at members meeting week after week as a community, but the work our volunteers are doing in the labour camps and the help TKS is dispensing to the poorer and helpless sections of telugus and Indians at large.

The committee likes to place on record the selfless service of prominent telugu people who contribute to the TKS during the early days, but have since left the island.