Telugu Kala Samithi, as a socially responsible organization is on the forefront to alleviate the suffering of under preveleged members of the community, within its capacity.

TKS is always on the forefront to help the underprivileged in their hour of need and distress. TKS join hands with the Indian Embassy and other social service organisations to support the welfare causes. TKS with the support of like minded operates an excusive fund known as TKS Welfare Fund since 2008 to meet the exigencies of poorer sections working in the island. While TKS activities are focussed around social causes TKS Welfare Convener Mr. D. Siva Kumar (39895971) deserves a special mention in this regard.

TKS has been continually extending its helping hand to recognized welfare organizations particularly HOME FOR DISABLED located in Isa Town. The Ministry of Social development has appreciated our contributions on number of occasions.

An effort is made here to give a brief glimpse of some of the activities done by TKS

Our members and families celebrated May Day on 1st May Every year with more than 200 brothers from labour camps participating with lot of enthusiasm. Various games and sports were conducted and lunch was served to all.

Yearly once Blood Donation cum Medical Camp have being organised in TKS premises. About 100 members and non members donating the blood under the expert supervision of specialists from Salmaniya Medical Complex. The blood is taken to SMC blood bank. On the same day a Medical camp was organised in parallel with 5 community doctors taking part and about 200 brothers and sisters from labour camps deriving the benefit.

During the recent Easy Exit Scheme extended by the authorities of Kingdom of Bahrain, TKS ahs come forward to help the needy, particularly Telugu brothers and sisters either to regularise their stay or arrange to go back to the Mother Land in coordination with the Indian Embassy, LMRA and Immigration Authorities in Bahrain. TKS has also helped financially, where required, either to but the ticket or pay the Easy Exit fee for regularisation.

In the event of unfortunate death of less privileged brothers and sisters from telugu community, TKS comes forward either to repatriate the body to the native village or carry out the last rites in accordance with the victim’s religion in Bahrain itself. TKS has sponsored the repatriation costs from the Welfare Fund.

Sometimes it so happen that the less privileged brothers and sisters get seriously ill and get admitted to hospitals in Bahrain. TKS help such victims by following up the cases with concerned hospitals and where required to arrange for repatriation to their native homes.

Some Important Welfare Issues Resolved during 2015 - 2016

SNO Name/Passport No. Nature of the Problem/help extended by TKS
1 Mohd Illiyas Siddique Paid immigration fines to facilitate reaching native place through Easy Exit Scheme.
2 K. A. Ramesh aid immigration fines to facilitate reaching native place through Easy Exit Scheme.
3 Tanveer Sultana Contributed by paying deportation charges to Indian Embassy to facilitate reaching native place through Easy Exit Scheme.
4 Eshwar Gaddam Contributed by paying ticket expenses to facilitate reaching native place through Easy Exit Scheme.